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My Life Now: The Impact Of A Wish Nearly Twenty-Five Years Later


“ Her wish gave the entire family a new focus on togetherness and happiness. ”

- Regan's parents

To others, Regan would describe herself as someone who loves to laugh and conquers each bump in the road with a smile. Regan has no doubt acquired these amazing characteristics during her journey of growing up and facing a critical diagnosis. 

Regan was born extremely premature and diagnosed with hydrocephalus cerebral palsy at birth. When asked how her diagnosis impacted her and her family, she said: “it was a daily struggle never knowing if I would be there for the next day”. For months, as Regan began to see improvements in her health, another issue would simply replace it. 

While Regan’s family continued to pray for relief from the medical struggles they were facing, they suddenly found hope in Make-A-Wish. When Regan received her wish, both of her parents said that their family had been through so much and her wish “gave the entire family a new focus on togetherness and happiness”. On Regan’s Walt Disney World wish, she got to see her favorite character show (Barney). 

When reflecting upon the impact of her wish, Regan said she often thinks about all of the volunteers it took to make this wish come true. Now, Regan continues to volunteer with Make-A-Wish and still feels like a part of our chapter. It is volunteers like Regan who continue to give back to our community and help provide joy and excitement to kids on a medical journey, just like Regan once was.

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