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I wish to go to Washington, DC

Wish Kid Nathan

“ It was just so relaxing. ”

- Wish Kid Nathan

Adopted by Adopt-A-Wish

In meeting with Nathan, 11, of Sioux Falls, it didn’t take long for our wish granting volunteers to discover his one true wish. Right off the bat, Nathan said his wish was to go to Washington, DC. A big fan of history, he said he wanted experience our nation’s history firsthand.

Nathan’s trip included stops at many of the Smithsonian Museums, the Capitol, the national memorials, Arlington National Cemetery, the National Zoo and Madame Tussauds. Nathan said his favorite museum was the National Museum of Natural History where he had the opportunity to see the giant squid and the Hope Diamond.

During his visit to the Capitol Building Nathan had the chance to meet several leaders including Sen. John McCain (AZ), Sen. Saxby Chambliss (GA), Sen. Joe Wilson (SC), House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor and South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson.

Accompanied by his parents, Joel and Kirstin, his sister Shayne and little brother Nick, Nathan said the best part of his trip was spending time and relaxing with his family.  “It was just so relaxing,” he said.  For his parents, the greatest memories of the trip will be remembering how happy Nathan was and how much he and their other kids enjoyed themselves.

When Joel and Kirstin first heard that Nathan qualified for a wish they said:  “When we were getting ready to tell Nathan he had been granted a wish, he thought we were going to say he needed another surgery or another test, so this trip really meant a chance for us to deliver good news to Nathan for a change, and to show Nathan that good things happen too!  The trip really gave Nathan something amazing to look forward to.” 

Nathan’s wish to see our nation’s history in person is a trip he and his family will clearly never forget. Nathan is diagnosed with a brain tumor.  His wish was made possible by Adopt-A-Wish® partners Esurance and Christmas at the Western Mall.  We also thank Make-A-Wish® Mid-Atlantic for assisting with his wish.

The trip really gave Nathan something amazing to look forward to. ”

— Wish Parents Joel & Kirstin

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