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Become a Wish Granter

Wish granting is the most amazing volunteer experience! Wish granters work directly with our wish children and their families to determine the child’s one heartfelt wish and then play an instrumental role in helping the child’s wish come true.


The time commitment to wish grant is completely up to you and your schedule and varies for every person. Most wish meetings take place in the evenings and weekends and involve 1-2 hours. Wish granters work in teams and new volunteers are always paired with experienced wish granters for their first few wishes. The wish team will meet one on one with a wish child and the family to determine the child’s wish. This is completed through interaction with the family, playing games, listening and observing.


Once the wish is determined, the wish team works with the Make-A-Wish® staff to make the wish come true. Wish granters are instrumental in providing an extra special experience for the wish child and their family. You might attend a wish party to celebrate a Rainbow Play System wish coming true, see a family off at the airport for the magical wish trip or go shopping with a wish child to find everything on their wish list.

To become a wish granter, you must:

  • Be at least 18-years-old.
  • Agree to a background check.
  • Complete required training. 

Also having a positive attitude, the ability to work with all types of people and maintain confidentiality and dependability are important qualities in being a great wish granter.

For more information or to become a wish granter, please contact:

Kerry Pollema
Volunteer & Outreach Director

I absolutely love getting to meet new people and learning their stories. I am inspired down to the core by each and every wish kid I have met. ”

— Lacey, Wish Granter and Wish Sister

Volunteer Contact

Kerry Pollema
Volunteer & Outreach Director
1400 West 17th Street 
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Phone: 605.335.8000 
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